The ensemble “Juju” is a duo project of Julia Schreitl with her long time companion Judith Reiter on viola. In addition to the reeds and the viola they use their voices as a medium of expression. Juju plays compositions of both band members that show a big diversity of styles. Their program includes songs with lyrics, jazz tunes and free form improvisations.
They have released their first album "Short Stories" in January 2012 at Preiser Records. It is not only an album with 16 songs but it also contains stories and poems to the songs and each story is illustrated by the artist Akram Al Halabi.

Judith Reiter – viola, voice
Julia Schreitl – saxophones, Bb and Bass clarinet, voice
Sample music: Aufruhr im JuJuland
Julia Schreitl
Krakauerstraße 27/7/1
1020 Wien